Kallista (Vengeance)

A Tiefling Warlock with a secret


Kallista is 5’8" 165 lbs with pale skin, platinum eyes and platinum hair. Being a tiefling, her tail has a single barb at the end of it and her ashy white horns meet over her head in a circle almost like a halo. This is the second transformation she has undergone in her life. Originally, she had black eyes and light gray skin, with red birthmarks on her hands and horns that curled over her black hair in the shape of a heart. When she made the deal with Mephistopheles and started using her powers for Vengeance (also the name she took to get back at Mephistopheles) her skin turned pale accentuating her red birthmarks as her hair reddened as well. Her horns changed to the shape of flames whenever her eyes burned with righteous anger.


Kallista was used to going unnoticed or despised as a common street urchin as a child. She was naturally good natured and looked after the orphans and street children for the town to the appreciation of the officials. Her good character and natural beauty got her noticed by a half-elf noble named Peren Siannodel whom she eventually fell in love with. Peren and Kallista were cast out of their town because of their forbidden relationship. Peren took up masonry under the tutelage of Vlaron Stoneblood to make ends meet and they learned the craft together and held all things in common including learning each other’s native languages. They kept to themselves on the outskirts of town, but as the town expanded and its borders grew they found themselves once again among suspicious neighbors, who out of their fear and ignorance tried to save (i.e. kidnap) the once respectable half-elf from her. In an ensuing scuffle where he tried to escape they killed him and blamed his death on her. She was chased far away from town. In her grief and anger she made a pact with a disguised Mephistopheles to get vengeance on evil doers. She got her vengeance murdering and maiming her husband’s killers in a rage like the town had never heard of. Vlaron eventually managed to calm her down enough to surrender to town guards. When she related her tale at her trial she was acquitted (mostly out of fear and awe) and forbidden to ever return to the town.

After her acquittal she went to Vlaron for aid and direction. Vlaron, tired of the hypocrisy and backwardness of the town’s residents, decided to leave with Kallista to seek to undo the unnatural power she was given. It did not take them long to discover the true sinister nature of the deal she made and its purpose to Mephistopheles. Vlaron was witness to Kallista taking the name Vengeance and swearing to turn her curse back against Mephistopheles and it is with his help and encouragement that she continues to fight Mephistopheles.

Vlaron continues to call her Kallista because he wants to remember who she was and be a reminder of fonder times. He probably also hopes it keeps her from becoming the monster Mephistopheles wants. Together they search for answers and hope. Vlaron would be like a father figure to Kallista.

In the course of their adventures together they would encounter and form temporary alliances with other adventurers. A few times it was a very uneasy alliance with the Dragonborn Paladin Rhogar. Eventually, they won his trust and even his companionship as he came to realize his own quest against evil was very similar to Kallista and Vlaron’s. It was Rhogar who helped Kallista and Vlaron to attain a tome of history and lore of the lower planes so they might learn more of who Mephistopheles is and his part in this universe. Rhogar knows Vengeance as Kallista as well, but usually calls her Vengeance since that’s how she was introduced and is most commonly known. Being around Vlaron and Kallista as long as he has though he understands why Vlaron still calls her Kallista and on occasion Rhogar calls her Kallista for the same reasons if the scenario calls for it.

Kallista (Vengeance)

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